SCRATCH with Ready-Steady-Code (RSC) began in 2012
After some initial research, retired school teacher, Seamus O’Neill and several volunteer parents
launched the first session of Navan’s CoderDojo in Navan Education Centre in October 2012.
CoderDojo aims to teach children how to code. SCRATCH was then, and still is, the most common
coding language taught in CoderDojos. From that small beginning Seamus’s work has grown and
expanded. He posed to himself the question; “What is the difference between enjoying SCRATCH
on a Saturday afternoon in CoderDojo and enjoying SCRATCH on a Monday morning at school?
Seamus is the author of “Mathemagic”, Ireland’s most popular maths textbooks for primary schools.
He developed RSC as a simple learning tool that engages children to use code while doing their
school work, especially maths assignments. He developed RSC through what he learned as a mentor
of kids, tutor of teachers and through consultation and research over five years. The Eureka moment
was when MIT released Scratch2 in 2013. Seamus saw the subtle difference which makes RSC stand
unique as an exclusively Irish addition to SCRATCH. It makes SCRATCH with Ready-Steady-Code
the magic mix that makes coding at school possible and fascinating like SCRATCH in a CoderDojo
RSC Train the Trainer Courses began in Navan Education Centre
Following the success of the first Ready-Steady-Code Training Course in Navan in March 2016,
where the take up was amazing, with delegates coming from all over the country, the course moved
to Kilkenny and the South East Region. This consolidated the aims of RSC as a unique and
captivating method of combining the teaching of maths and computer coding to children and young
students. Moreover, RSC appears to be the best and only means by which coding can be introduced
into the Irish school curriculum.
Reach the Children – Teach the Teachers – Motivate the Parents.
The RSC training initiative has two main objectives. It is a means to reach out to children giving
them essential computer coding skills that empower them for the challenges that lie ahead. To speed
up the process, the second objective was mobilised. “Teach the Teacher” trains an array of suitable
candidates (including parents) who then pass on the broad appeal of RSC to children, in a timely
fashion, across the country. Like CoderDojo, it relies Motivated Parents. It is an opportunity for
suitable tutors to earn extra income.
If you would like to know more about SCRATCH with Ready-Steady-Code, come to the
National SCRATCH Conference on June 20th in the Knightsbrook Hotel, Trim, Co. Meath.
To book your place and represent your children, go to See you in Trim.