Order of Business from Dail Records Tuesday 19th July 2016

Shane Cassells TD (Meath West FF): Dail Order of Business 19/07/16Given the commitment in the programme for Government to address the evolving educational curriculum, I welcome the announcement yesterday by the Minister for Education and Skills that computer programming and coding will be introduced into the primary school curriculum. Rather than kick this to the NCCA for prolonged consultation, will the Minister, Deputy Bruton, engage with the local education centres countrywide, including the local education centre in Navan which is spearheading this proposal and has already piloted the project, on the possibility of rolling out this change to the September 2016 curriculum because my fear is that the technology will move faster than the NCCA report?

Richard Bruton (Dublin Bay North FG): I am open to looking at any initiative that could be piloted. When one is talking about introducing it on a broad basis, one is talking not only about a pilot but introducing the teaching support and designing the curriculum so an element of time is essential to make sure it works in a proper way. The notion of piloting something in the short run would certainly be of interest and I would be happy to talk to the Deputy.

Letter from Shane Cassells containing a link to Dail records:

Good morning Seamus,

Please see the link for the website detailing the question I put to the Minister for Education seeking him to engage with the Education Centre sector and look at the possibility of rolling coding out on a pilot basis using the expertise of the Education Centres.

Thank you for continuing to brief me in this area and for providing me with the information to pursue this. The dedication you have shown to developing this sector before the Department has become interested is a credit to you.


Kind Regards,

Shane Cassells T.D.