The CodeWeek tee shirt in Navan Education Centre on Moday night 17th October. I received my tee shirt at the debate in Brussels. There is a link to that debate under RECENT NEWS on this web site or just click here.

READY STEADY CODE: CodeWeek 2016 runs from 15th to 23rd October: Over the previous two weeks, I gave Maths lessons in a primary school outside Navan. I showed the teacher and her 6th class (34 children) how it was very easy to code maths work and tie it in with written maths using Scratch in a very simple way which I call Ready Steady Code. The kids loved it as well as the teacher. The gave a demo in Navan Education Centre on Monday night’s Introduction and Workshop for teachers. The girls and boys were marvellous and brought out how much they enjoyed it. I’ve run CoderDojo in Navan for 5 years and the school version of coding was enjoyed just as much as the after-school (CoderDojo) version.

I also spent a few hours teaching RSC in a school in Co. Leitrim on Friday 14th October. I was with Sixth Class and their teacher, which included 28 children, 16 boys and 12 girls.  7 children demonstrated aspects of RSC in Carrick-on-Shannon Education Centre  to a full house of teachers on Tuesday night as part of CodeWeek 2016. As in Navan Education Centre the teachers had to see it to believe it! This is not Scratch as you know it. It’s Scratch like you have never scratchED before!

I received the following feedback report from the Leitrim school whose class was represented on Tuesday night (pic below):
Introduction: Very good. Eased the pupils into subject matter, awakened their interest and ensured all present, including teacher, that Scratch is pupil and teacher friendly and doable in a classroom setting.
Content: Interesting, class appropriate, allows for differentiation and is Fun. Children, with parental permission, may access this programme at home.
Classroom Management: Seamus demonstrated the practicalities of using Scratch in the classroom in a calm and co-ordinated way. Also advised children that this programme works alongside pen and paper. It does not replace current practice, rather enhances same.
Linkage and Integration: Cross Curricular options.
Differentiation: by chance some children invited to participate attend LS. These children were more than able to complete their tasks, think ahead and oimprehend the concepts underlying Scratch. The teacher(myself) would be comfortable in having the pupils use the programme in class.
Conclusion: The presentation given by Seamus O’Neill was enjoyable and very worthwhile for teacher and pupils opening up the ever expanding World of Maths.


Pictured above, the group of children from Co. Leitrim with their teacher and local Ready Steady Code tutor who supported the workshop.

Today the teacher from Navan sent the following feedback as well as essays from the children in her 6th class:

Teacher: Scratch is an excellent programme. The children found it extremely enjoyable and interesting. Children of all levels were able to partake in the programme. Some of the weaker children at Maths took a great interest in it and we found it helped to boost their confidence in Maths. Children were completely engaged for all of the lessons and looked forward to Seamus arrival each day. There is excellent scope for cross curricular options using Scratch. The whole school got involved for Maths week as the 6th class children made games and presented them to the different year groups. This worked extremely well and will be something we will continue to do throughout the year.

My name is Bunmi and Seamus came to my school a few days ago to teach us Scratch. I really enjoyed doing the sums. It was fun and educational at the same time. Thank you Seamus for coming into my school to teach us how to do sums on scratch.

My name is Kate. Seamus came into our school for two weeks. We were doing multiplication in school and he showed us how to do it on Scratch which was way more fun. My favourite part of doing scratch was getting to go down to the younger classes and show them games we made on scratch for them. We also went to Navan Education Centre. I hope we get to use scratch more in the classroom.

My name is Kaka and I am in 6th class. Seamus O Neill came into our class 2 weeks and told us about an amazing programme called Scratch. He taught us all about it. I loved getting to go to other classes to show them the Maths games we made for them to play. I really enjoy using Scratch and hope to get to use it more.

My name is Lorraine and Seamus came into our class 2 weeks ago and taught us how to use Scratch. He taught us all about basic coding and how to complete sums in Maths using Scratch. It was really fun using Scratch and I feel very lucky to get to use it. Coding is very easy if you practise and Seamus showed us every step. Thank you Seamus. I had no clue what Scratch was 2 weeks ago and now I can make games and I was also able to teach teachers about it.