Seamus O’Neill will present a workshop entitled CAS_logoMaths through Scratch at the 2016 National Computing At School Conference in Birmingham University on 18th June at 2:35. The presentation also entitled An Introduction to READY STEADY CODE (RSC) will explain to UK teachers what  READY STEADY CODE is and how it creates an amazing new relationship between Maths and Scratch. He piloted RSC in England where computing has been a subject on the curriculum since September 2014. See the testimonial from Fulbridge Academy at:


READY STEADY CODE (RSC) opens up a whole new relationship between Maths and Scratch. The Scratch stage background can now be a more useful grid of squares instead of a grid of pixels (over 172,000!). Fine line backdrop grids create an amazing way to use SCRATCH to do maths and coding at the same time. The grids make the Scratch stage look like a copy book or graph paper. Maths assignment work in copy books can also be completed in Scratch code. This creates greater scope for logical reasoning and computational thinking. ‘Coders’ can present their maths work and explain their code on the class IWB or overhead projector. Where there are only a few laptops, ‘Coders’ can be rotated from child to child, lesson to lesson and day to day. Some children work in their copybooks, some code.