Seamus with Gavin Duffy at READY STEADY CODE stand during BOI Enterprise Town Exhibition in Navan

Seamus O’Neill, Author of  READY STEADY CODE seen here with Gavin Duffy from RTE’s Dragons Den, demonstrating and explaining how READY STEADY CODE creates an amazing new relationship between Maths and Scratch. It is a unique way to use SCRATCH to do maths and coding at the same time. Teachers require no background in coding. It saves them time and effort while captivating the children to use code as they do their written maths work. It is an innovative way to equip them with computer coding skills. This opens a huge array of possibilities to advance themselves and their future careers.  It is an ideal way to introduce coding onto the Irish primary school curriculum through Maths.   RSC correlates coding with written maths work. Pencils, rulers, and copybooks are still used. For maths lessons most children will work in their copy books. Two or more of them, using even one computer, can code the work and then present it on an IWB or overhead projector. ‘Coders’ can be rotated from child to child, lesson to lesson and day to day. Some write, some code. The ingenious READY STEADY CODE, coupled with the phenomenal success of CoderDojo, means every classroom in Ireland can have its Coders!