READY-STEADY-CODE is a unique way to use SCRATCH in the classroom to do maths and coding at the same time. This is Scratch like you’ve never SCRATCHed before. RSC correlates coding with written maths work, and it’s so easy to do. Teachers are experts in teaching maths and they require no background in coding to use READY STEADY CODE to support their maths teaching. SCRATCH is free, and so is READY STEADY CODE and – it’s not even limited to primary school! At post-primary level Scratch with RSC can be used with linear and quadratic graphs, co-ordinate geometry, trigonometry etc. Ask the experts!

The READY STEADY CODE fully-resourced training course (primary) shows how to add excitement to maths. It covers sums, number work, algebra, shape, angles, area, block graphs, pie graphs etc. as well as create games, animations, interactive stories etc. in SCRATCH.

READY STEADY CODE was developed by Seamus O’Neill, author of Ireland’s most popular maths programme Mathemagic. Seamus is a former primary teacher, computer programmer and founder of Navan CoderDojo. He brings a razor sharp focus on what actually works with teachers.

When the MIT Media Lab released Scratch 2.0 in 2013, it would appear that unknown to themselves they greatly increased the capacity of Scratch as a most effective teaching tool. This makes RSC the fast-track way of introducing coding into the classroom as an easy 21st century scaffold to the best maths-teaching technology possible. New publications, Basics book to Teach Maths with New Technology and Essential extra Coding Skills  and Graphics. There’s nothing else like RSC, anywhere!