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Book launch date: 10th October

  • 120-pages of 70 short, easy exercises for teachers and tutors
  • 100 projects with code shared on-line, many with the new grids
  • this RTE video is a glimpse of the constructivist learning approach,
    level 3 for seniors – ‘Thinking Made Visual’ with Scratch code
  • The movies at the boottom of screen show sample project outcomes

We are taking pre-orders. The book will launch on Tuesday 10th October, during Code Week 2017. Each book will come with two free A2-size wall charts; the 10 Palettes and Coding Sums. This is a limited run. Pre-order your copy today to avoid disappointment. Cost €20 + P&P.

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Videos Showing Examples from the Book

Layout and Code
Your Own Games

The design of this race game is based on the same grid as that on the right. The start and finish lines are three squares in left and right. Each lane is three squares wide. Grids clearly make it easier to layout a game such as this. There is no dice image in the Scratch library. The book shows how to create your own graphics in the Scratch Paint Editor.

Code What You Do with
a Pencil in Your Copybook

Draw a triangle with pencil and ruler. Use a protractor to measure the angles. Replicate the activity using surprisingly easy Scratch code. Make the stage resemble a copybook with the grid from the backdrop library. Save the protractor from the shared project to use in your project. The book illustrates the details.

Code Maths Work
Even at Secondary Level

Search Scratch and look inside some shared interactive quadratic graphs. Judge for yourself if squares are better than pixels. See how the easy code in this graph helps students to better understand the graph. Take this as an example of the second-level Maths that’s possible in Scratch with the Ready-Steady-Code grids. Consult the book and prove it for yourself.

National SCRATCH Conference resources: ‘I will definitely use these in my classroom’.


Primary Teacher

National SCRATCH Conference: The book was the perfect follow up. The Grids are excellent. Posters are great for the classroom.


Secondary Teacher

National SCRATCH Conference: It was brilliant. I liked how we could work away at the examples and get stuck in.


Youthreach Tutor